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In-Depth Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

EAG 1Source offers cloud-based security solutions so that you can worry less about security threats to your business and more about growth.

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We Focus on the Following Industries

EAG 1Source is a premier consulting services company that specializes in cybersecurity among other functions, in addition to being SOC 1 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 1 Certified. Our cybersecurity services extend to the following industries:

  • Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas
  • Utility Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Refineries
  • Trucking & Transportation
  • Chemical
  • Logistics
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EAG 1Source provides the following services:

  • Strategy and Implementation
  • User Training and Education
  • Risk Assessments
  • Application Support (MFA/ 365 Licensing / Anti-virus & Anti-spam)
  • Advisory Services

Traditional outsourcing companies don’t offer security operation centers or have the expertise in house. EAG 1Source takes pride in being your one-stop-shop for all things IT by providing the security functionality you need. Despite having systems to help protect your company against common threats, newer, more savvy cyber threats quickly arise. We proactively mitigate negative risks you might face with our technology and awareness of quickly arising threats.

Strategy and Implementation

EAG 1Source develops effective IT strategy protocols built upon recommended practices to help your company with threat detection. This process includes:

  • Researching the cybersecurity measures for your company’s industry
  • Building network security standards
  • Establishing a cloud presence 
  • Managing the IT life cycle so you enjoy added speed and agility

We provide the right personnel to effectively combat and quickly respond to any issues that arise. By adding our skilled cybersecurity resources to enhance your existing team, we can significantly increase the performance and efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

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User Training and Education

Human error remains the leading cause of most data breaches and cyber-attacks. EAG 1Source helps your company with services such as: 

  • Implementing advanced cybersecurity training awareness programs 
  • Equipping your employees with the necessary knowledge 
  • Establishing protections for your business from future attacks

By implementing a layered approach to cybersecurity – including security knowledge and awareness training – your company will benefit from threat intelligence that protects against potential cyber-attacks in advance.

Risk Assessment

EAG 1 Source oversees all aspects of your company’s cyber-defense systems, specifically in managing risks. These operations include: 

  • Scanning both your internal and external environments 
  • Analyzing high- and low-impact risk areas for your company
  • Creating proactive measures and processes

We actively seek to prevent cyber-attacks, instead of merely fixing problems when they occur.

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Application Support

While many cybersecurity companies do provide basic security measures such as caching, password protection, 365 licensing, and more, EAG 1Source provides professional Security Operations Center (SOC) services. This includes: 

  • Reviewing data 
  • Collecting data from firewalls
  • Monitoring wireless access points
  • Real-time analysis

We funnel your data into artificial intelligence services like data crunchers and algorithms to create alerts based on those parameters to mitigate future attacks. This ensures new and advanced web applications implemented in outdated IT environments don’t put your company at risk.

Advisory and Consulting Services

Our team will be responsible for the entire cybersecurity readiness of your organization. This includes: 

  • Establishing cybersecurity policies
  • Employee training
  • Developing cyber-risks awareness plans 
  • Formulating an incident response plan
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