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Clients Tell All

(and they're our best advocates!)

“We know that [1Source] is taking care of the critical items in the background. This lets me focus on the things that I need to do…and quite frankly, that I want to do.”

Director of Corporate Development

Midstream Company (Houston)

“EAG 1Source’s ability to utilize technology allows us to quickly get answers and make decisions.”

VP of BD & Land

Oil & Gas Company (Houston)

“The 1Source team has been extremely responsive. I’ve had a lot of questions because Accounting is not my background, and they have been absolutely fantastic to work with.”

VP of Finance

Oil & Gas Company (Houston)

“There hasn’t been a single thing I’ve asked for that [1Source] hasn’t been able to handle.”

EVP Finance & BD

E&P Company (Houston)

“We have total trust knowing that 1Source is handling the Back Office and IT for us, especially with their industry experience. And that means we get to focus on our own skill sets.”


E&P Company (Kansas)

“[1Source] has literally freed up hours of my time …probably in the double digits per week, as well as my partner’s time, who was handling the JIB and Revenue Accounting. So between the two of us, that’s invaluable…”


E&P Company (Kansas)

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