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Tyisha Duncan – EAG 1Source Spotlight

Our EAG 1Source October Spotlight is…Tyisha Duncan, AP Clerk! With over 16 years of experience in Accounts Payable, Vendor Relations, Billing, Coding, and Issue Management, she has gained knowledge of industry software that includes SAP ERP, Quorum Business Solutions, DocVue, SmartVue, Bolo, OGSYS, and OpenInvoice which has allowed her to perform various roles during her career.

Her great attention to detail, strong record of accuracy & customer service, great organizational skills, sense of urgency, excellent analytical, reconciliation, and overall troubleshooting skills has made her a highly valuable, and trusted member of the team. Keep reading to learn more about Tyisha!

How would you describe EAG?
I would describe EAG as a company that not only cares about me as an employee, but as a company that truly cares about my professional growth. There is a “genuine” spirit of cooperation, teamwork, and shared goals all revolving around helping our clients.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at EAG?

One of my proudest moments working at EAG happened in December 2020. As happy as I always am, no one truly knew how hard COVID affected me. I had a situation that prevented me from giving my family the Christmas I wanted to give them. I called our Office to get some info about Payroll from our HR Manager, and I had a moment while trying to stay strong. A few days later, EAG did something truly special for my family that we will never forget.  From that moment, my love for EAG expanded into a bigger space in my heart.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates that want to join EAG?

My advice would be that if you truly love what you do, this company is the PERFECT place to come work for.  Your knowledge, experience, and creativity will always be well-received & appreciated.

What’s one thing – either industry-related or not – you learned in the last month?

In the last month, I truly learned what Dedication means. There was a lot of hard work that came my way.  Through every obstacle I found a solution, reached out to the best resources for help, and I stayed positive even when I didn’t know the outcome.

What do you like to do in your free time? Any favorite places you like to visit?

In my free time, I love to spend time with my family, learn to cook new recipes from YouTube, and catch up on all my Bravo TV shows on DVR.  My favorite place to visit here in Houston is City Centre in Memorial City. It’s a great location for restaurants, entertainment, and “stay-cation” time here in the city.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

Something that might surprise you is that I am a great Twirler.  In high school I was the Co-Captain of our Majorette Team, and I never dropped my Baton on the field.

How do you balance your career and family?

I balance career and family hand in hand. I’ve always been a working Mom on-the-go. Now I am home daily for the first time in my career, and I get to take care of my family even more. My family has also learned how much I truly love my job, and we all work together to balance our work/home life.

Who or what inspires you and why?

The spirit of my grandmother keeps me inspired.  She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, she taught me how to find joy and inspiration in life, and when helping others.

Your life motto

My life motto is “Train your mind to find the good in EVERY situation.”

What’s your superpower?

I believe my superpower is Action.  I love the quote that states “Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today”.  I love to get things done, I document all scenarios, and I believe my colleagues appreciate that about me.  I listen carefully to when challenges are presented to me, figure out the best solution, and drive through all requests from start to finish.

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