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EAG Spotlight – Jeremy Fang

Our EAG 1Source Employee Spotlight for July is…. Jeremy Fang! With over 10 years of oil and gas experience in Land, Accounting, and Midstream Plant Accounting; Jeremy currently serves as our Application Support Manager at EAG 1Source. He is consistently recognized for his well-versed key industry knowledge in software that includes Quorum, Enertia, P2 Merrick, and OpenInvoice as well as several relational database languages. Jeremy is an invaluable member of the EAG team and we’re happy to have him. To learn more about him, continue reading!


What are 3 words you would use to describe EAG?

  • Challenging
  • Opportunity
  • Collaborative

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at EAG?

I can see the impact I make everyday through working closely with clients to increase efficiencies and reduce headaches. There is nothing more satisfying than solving a problem and it makes me proud when clients are appreciative of the work I do.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates that want to join EAG?

You need to be the Ideal Team Player 😊. EAG continues to grow at a rapid pace, so being able to jump in and help out on tasks is a must.

What’s one thing – either industry-related or not – you learned in the last month?

The software energy industry is so small! It’s not uncommon to be on a client call only to realize you’ve worked with somebody attending on a previous engagement at a different juncture in your career.

What do you like to do in your free time? Any favorite places you like to visit?

Even though I grew up and live in Texas, I love snowboarding. Prior to the pandemic, I went snowboarding at least once a year. Places I’ve been to chase the fresh powder include: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and even Canada.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

I suffer from Photic Sneeze Reflex, more commonly known as sun sneezing.  Yes, it is a real thing. I always feel the need to sneeze when I go outside into the sun.

How do you balance your career and family?

I prioritize accordingly. We are always juggling different tasks, whether it’s a client obligation or a personal one. Everyone needs to have time to recharge, so creating that time for yourself and your family is important.

Who or what inspires you and why?

My parents. I’m always amazed at their strength and ability to immigrate to a new country, learn a new language, find a job in corporate America, and successfully raise a family.

Your life motto.

C’est la vie! You have to roll with the punches and keep moving forward.

What’s your superpower?

Being (relatively) tall. No seriously!  My wife is 5ft and with each passing day I grow more confident that she married me because I can reach the top shelves in our house.


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