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EAG 1Source Attends M-Files Conference in Dublin, Ireland

In April, M-Files held its annual Global Partner Conference in Dublin, Ireland and what an event it was. Shawn Anderson, Vice President of EAG 1Source was able to attend and enjoy the conference and what the beautiful country of Ireland had to offer.

“While our goal is to continue to bring increased value to our clients through deep partnerships and experience, having a little fun is essential in work. Ireland is a country with a rich history, sprawling lands, friendly people, and great refreshments. It was a blast getting to experience and indulge (some areas more than others) in this country’s great culture for the first time,” Shawn stated.

Among the themes that threaded through the conference were “Imagine and Innovate”. Attendees were exposed to product road-maps, new marketing technology and stories from M-Files customers on unique ways the software is changing the way they do business.

Shawn also expressed that along with M-Files conducting an amazing conference, there was a balance in satisfying the geek, operations, and salesperson within many of us. Their different “paths” at the conference permitted them to go solo or mix it up in order to broaden their breadth of understanding about the product. EAG is excited to hear and see the continued development of M-Files and are awaiting some of its new features / integrations on the horizon for 2019.

Integrations: Salesforce, DropBox, Google Drive, and OpenText

Features: Automatic Classifications, Enhanced PII decision, CC Numbers, and Phase detection

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