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Beyond Outsourcing:

This is

We Are The Team Behind Your Team.

EAG 1Source is your trusted source for Information Technology, Upstream and Midstream Accounting, Land Administration, Production Reporting, and beyond. We give you the freedom to drive your company forward by delivering the certainty that your back office operations will be handled by experienced professionals. Our goal is to create the perfect solution that meets your exact needs on your terms so you can grow your company.

Beyond Outsourcing; This is 1Sourcing.

Make 1Call to 1Source it All.

Our talented outsourcing specialists stand ready to help you achieve your business goals. Share your objectives with us, and we'll craft a custom solution that meets your needs.

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Industries We Serve

The roots of our company are in the oil and gas industry, and we deliver our full slate of services to those companies. Additionally, EAG 1Source provides our top-rated IT outsourcing solutions to a wide range of other industries, including:

Upstream Oil & Gas
Midstream Oil & Gas

Trucking & Transportation

1Source VERB


To delegate all of your company's Accounting, Production Reporting, Land Administration, and Information Technology functions to ONE partner.


To enjoy the freedom of focusing all your business attention on operations, growth, and value creation for your customers, products, services, and investors.


To feel less stressed about the intricate and essential details of your own back office processes so that you can grow your company and care for your people.

Multiple Ways To Work

Business Process Outsourcing
Information Technology Outsourcing
advisory services

What Our Clients Are Saying

“There hasn’t been a single thing I’ve asked for that [1Source] hasn’t been able to handle.”

- EVP Finance & BD,E&P Company (Houston)

“We have total trust knowing that 1Source is handling the Back Office and IT for us, especially with their industry experience. And that means we get to focus on our own skill sets.”

- Principal,E&P Company (Kansas)
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